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Aftermath Logs

Log Community for Aftermath
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This is the log community for aftermath_rp. Whether you’re writing a scene with another character or writing one with only your character, this is where you’ll want to post it.

Formatting Log Posts

Subject Line

In the subject line of each post, please place a notice of whether the post is complete or incomplete so that players will know what's finished and what's not. Also, please distinguish if it is a post between certain characters, or if it is an open post that any character can join.

Body of the Post

Please place the following heading at the beginning of all posts:


And then put the rest of the post under a cut.

[Note from Phoenix: I don’t mean to be overly anal. I just want to make sure that community is well-organized, and that players aren’t confused.]


These are some questions that either I’ve seen come up in other groups or that I myself have had. If you’ve got a question that isn’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the mods.

1. How accurate does the ‘When’ have to be? Not very. For example, if the characters were having a discussion in one of the character posts about going to the bar for a drink, then the when could be easily summed up as “After X, Y, & Z decided to go out after work for a drink.” You don’t have to supply links to the character post or anything like that. Just so long as there’s some sense of continuity.

2. How are you defining ‘Rating’? I’m loosely following the current rating standard of movies. If a log is going to contain depictions of interpersonal relationships (yaoi, yuri, or het) then the rating needs to be labeled as NC-17. If the log is going to contain a lot of swearing and violence, then it should be rated as R. If it’s anything else, use your best judgment. Primarily, my concern is differentiating between posts that can be viewed in a public place like work and those that are best viewed in the privacy of one’s own home. Imagine Big Brother looking over your shoulder, and if it’s something that could get you fired, suspended, or in any other way reprimanded, go with NC-17. Best to err on the side of caution.

3. How detailed does the ‘Summary’ section need to be? Not very. Just give a general idea of what the post is about. That way players can determine which logs need to be read for the plots they’re working on and which don’t.

4. What sort of things can logs be made about? Anything really. If it requires that the character be written in third person, this is the place to put it. It can be something mundane like a conversation over coffee or at work, something very action-driven fight between characters, or interactions requiring the NC-17 rating.

5. How many characters can participate in a log? As many as you want. They can all be your characters, or a combination of your characters and those of other players. In my experience, the more players and characters you’ve got, the more confusing the logs get to be. A good way to avoid confusion in a log with many different players is to put an indicator at the end of a comment as to which character ought to respond. I’ve found that something simple like [tag: Reno] works pretty well. But it’s really up to you and the other players how you want to work it.

6. Can a character be in more than one log at a time? No. In order to maintain some organization, a character can’t show up in a log if they’re already in the middle of another one. That’s like being in two different places at once. This stipulation also helps move logs along. No one wants their character(s) to be trapped in a log indefinitely.

7. Can a character be in a log and still comment to other characters’ posts? Yes. Sometimes it takes a few days to get through a log, and you don’t want to miss out on all of the conversations, especially if they pertain to whatever plot(s) you’re currently working on.